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I could spit on a stranger

You're a bitter stranger

Benjamin Brown
2 June 1992
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  • Graveney School - Wandsworth, England - Greater London, United Kingdom (2003 present)

a clockwork orange, anthony burgess, anton corbijn, barbed wire kisses, bauhaus, being john malcovich, belle and sebastian, björk, black rebel motorcycle club, blur, bob dylan, camper van beethoven, catherine wheel, cocteau twins, crash, creation records, darklands, death in vegas, delmore schwartz, depersonalization, dr strangelove, dream pop, dreampop, dresden dolls, echo & the bunnymen, echo and the bunnymen, felt, galaxie 500, gang of four, getting lost, getting lost in music, getting lost in voices, guy chadwick, half man half biscuit, hooligans on e, hope sandoval, ian curtis, ian mccullogh, iggy pop, in dreams begin responsibilities, isn't anything, japan, jg ballard, jim reid, joanna newsom, joe strummer, john cale, john peel, johnny cash, jonathan richman, joy division, just like honey, kate bush, kevin shields, kingsley amis, leonard cohen, let him have it, liz frazer, lost in translation, lou reed, love, loveless, manhattan, mark e. smith, mazzy star, morrissey, music, my bloody valentine, new order, new york dolls, new york trilogy, nick cave, nick drake, nobody's twisting your arm, noise pop, oscar wilde, patti smith, patti smith group, paul auster, pavement, poetry, post-punk, post-rock, psychocandy, pulp, punk, radiohead, rain, records, ride, robert allen zimmerman, robert smith, roxy music, sandy denny, second-hand music, sex pistols, shoegaze, shoegazing on the roof, siouxsie, siouxsie & the banshees, siouxsie and the banshees, slowdive, some candy talking, sonic youth, sorting, spacemen 3, spike jonze, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, stephen malkmus, teenage fanclub, television, the atrocity exhibition, the beatles, the brian jonestown massacre, the church, the clash, the cramps, the creatures, the cure, the fall, the go-betweens, the house of love, the jam, the kinks, the modern lovers, the morning after girls, the pixies, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, the smiths, the strokes, the sugarcubes, the telescopes, the undertones, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the warm inventions, the wedding present, tom waits, trainspotting, uncle john & whitelock, vegetarianism, vinyl records, wilhelm reich, william reid, wire, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo