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And the air is cool

I got home, shoved all my school stuff in the middle of the hallway, and decided I needed a change.
Proceeding upstairs, I began by completely rearranging my room - under my bed I found:
- Several plectrums
- An assortment of writing utensils
- "Guide to a Healthy Sex Life" booklet
- A lot of paracetamol
- Some sandals
- Some slippers
- A tape of Leonard Cohen covers, and another tape entitled "Livin' in the Eighties"
- That rubbish James Joyce book I bought because it was 99p and had a nice cover
- About six pounds
- Anti-static record sleeves
And, well, I sha'n't continue

With all the furniture in a different place, and after many hours despairing about how much I've turned into my grandmother (my mother would tell me stories about how she'd come home and her mother's hair would be a different colour, or her room would be in a different place, or all the furniture would have changed), I immersed myself in a photography book. I managed to fill up a whole role of film standing on the roof.

The most beautiful star,
In the world, In the air, On my tongue, Before
my eyes, Beyond the stars, Beneath the sun

(I rather liked the misplaced capital letters)
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