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I was feeling the strain of twenty years

I spent lunch lying next to Callum, both of us using bags as a pillow, listening to Fairport Convention in the rain. Not a word was said. Although we did listen to Talha locking himself in an imaginary box.
Instead of going to Technology last period we had a "Maths assembly". It was perhaps the most pointless assembly we have ever been subjected to (and that is saying a huge amount) - a man who couldn't use Microsoft Powerpoint and who complained that he "hates technology" and that "this computer isn't like my one at home" told us how to win various chocolate related games, told us the best method for winning "Rock, Paper, Scissors", and I don't suppose I need to go into anymore detail.

Then after school as I was walking out of school, Dan came up to me and gave me the usual hug (although I avoided the kiss on the cheek because his weed-smoking friends who I do not like were there) and then suddenly his face was a look of utter and sincere concern. He tried to brush my messy hair away to inspect any damage that could have been caused from yesterday, asked if I was OK, and had to run off somewhere. I was left with Ollie (one of the aforementioned friends) who, although I do not like him at all, is always really worryingly nice to me. His face showed nothing but concern either, and he asked me to recite the story and I told him that it wasn't very bad. At that I escaped and looked around for Dan for a bit because I had something to say to him which felt very important at the time.

When I got home there was no one in until about 9pm. I got out ALL of my Jesus and Mary Chain music and listened to as much of it as I could before anyone got home, plugging my CD player into my stepfather's soundsystem. I think I melted into the sofa to the sound of Just Like Honey.

I do like the sky at the moment. There's greys, reds, and golden pinks glistening off the cloud's underbellies, and the contrast with the faint sky and loudly green trees is stunning.
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