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Lisa knows a girl who's been abused [07 Sep 2006|09:32pm]
When I got back home today, my mum was making dinner. I felt like talking to her so I asked her how her day was. She replied with something vague (I sort of wanted her to ask me how I was finding year ten and my new classes and all, because it was weird that she hadn't already), and told me that she was tired because Laura (being my 5-month-year-old sister) had kept her up all night. She told me I could speak to her as much as I liked, but I wouldn't get too much of a response out of her - so I began talking; about how I never liked The Beatle's "Abbey Road", but how it was growing on me; about Catcher in the Rye and how upset I was that I hadn't read it a long time ago; what I thought of my new English teacher, Ms Suman; how upset I was about my old English teacher (certainly the best teacher I've ever had), Ms Cronin, completely ignoring me today. I spoke for quite a while!

Tomorrow I'm going to go find Ms Cronin and thank her for the whole of year nine and tell her I'll miss her, and tell her she's wonderful. Everything's wonderful. Maybe that's just how things are for me at the moment, or maybe it took me fourteen years to realize. Lily is also generally rather wonderful.

Also, I love Belle & Sebastian. I really do. There's quite a few people who will give me quite a tough time trying to sway their opinion on the matter, but I'll certainly try.

In Physics today (my very first one of this year, if you'd like to know), I sat next to Claudia (who I do not think I like much but try to be very nice to nonetheless) and Hazel, and opposite Anita. I see through Ms Celentano's boy-girl-boy-girl seating plan too easily. Fortunately it just so happens that I rather prefer female company. Although I'd have liked to have sat next to Lauren, like I seem to be in all of my other new classes (Lauren, who I share 90% of my new sets with, is also a very much wonderful person)

I sha'n't go on

"As you know, these are open forums; you're able to come and listen to what I have to say."
- Washington, D.C.; October 28, 2003

Thanks, George!
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The World is a Soft as Lace [10 Aug 2006|11:58pm]
And it's just hit it

00:00, another burst of mass creativity

It does make it hard to type gently so as not to wake up people in the other room

(The line breaks are another side-affect I should think)

Anyway, quite a while ago (nearing a month, now) I was under a meter away from Jim Reid - close enough for me to say that I like his smile. Immensely so. Really, it's lovely, he pulled one between each song as though he were glad people weren't throwing things at him (although people were throwing themselves at him, namely the crepuscular inhabitants of the sct.amniisia.com forum, who were hurling their drunk selves about with the word "riot" repetitively squeezed out from their nostalgic lips). I do remember the bar being very shiny, and wanting to hug him very badly. Especially when he did Love on the Ground, and Never Understand (!)

I'm going to go to Japan, I've decided. Well, I did so quite a while ago. It's something to think about when the need to detach arises - just picture delicate Park Hyatt-esque hotels and shiny Tokyo landscapes. That's far off, though.

Trembling Blue Stars is one of the nicest things to name a band, isn't it?

Oh, oh, why does no one else think that Arcade Fire's "Haiti" is just the most stunning song ever? (Even amongst all the songs on Funeral which could deservingly have that same adjective applied to them)

EDIT: I missed out the two most important things!

George and I haven't been on such good terms lately. But I've got a couple more quotes: (and the rest of the year...)
"It would be helpful if we opened up ANWR [the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge]. I think it's a mistake not to. And I would urge you all to travel up there and take a look at it, and you can make the determination as to how beautiful that country is."
- Washington, D.C.; March 29, 2001

"Kosovians can move back in."
- On CNN's Inside Politics; April 9, 1999

and the last thing: I love Yo La Tengo
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I was feeling the strain of twenty years [07 Jul 2006|08:47pm]
I spent lunch lying next to Callum, both of us using bags as a pillow, listening to Fairport Convention in the rain. Not a word was said. Although we did listen to Talha locking himself in an imaginary box.
Instead of going to Technology last period we had a "Maths assembly". It was perhaps the most pointless assembly we have ever been subjected to (and that is saying a huge amount) - a man who couldn't use Microsoft Powerpoint and who complained that he "hates technology" and that "this computer isn't like my one at home" told us how to win various chocolate related games, told us the best method for winning "Rock, Paper, Scissors", and I don't suppose I need to go into anymore detail.

Then after school as I was walking out of school, Dan came up to me and gave me the usual hug (although I avoided the kiss on the cheek because his weed-smoking friends who I do not like were there) and then suddenly his face was a look of utter and sincere concern. He tried to brush my messy hair away to inspect any damage that could have been caused from yesterday, asked if I was OK, and had to run off somewhere. I was left with Ollie (one of the aforementioned friends) who, although I do not like him at all, is always really worryingly nice to me. His face showed nothing but concern either, and he asked me to recite the story and I told him that it wasn't very bad. At that I escaped and looked around for Dan for a bit because I had something to say to him which felt very important at the time.

When I got home there was no one in until about 9pm. I got out ALL of my Jesus and Mary Chain music and listened to as much of it as I could before anyone got home, plugging my CD player into my stepfather's soundsystem. I think I melted into the sofa to the sound of Just Like Honey.

I do like the sky at the moment. There's greys, reds, and golden pinks glistening off the cloud's underbellies, and the contrast with the faint sky and loudly green trees is stunning.
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Don't be too sure of that - what makes you sure of that? [10 May 2006|07:03pm]
I almost went to school in my slippers today
Today saw a lot of trawling through piles of still-soggy blossom, enjoying the sunshine, and getting out a pogo-stick again. It's surprisingly fun, although it has no handles.

I've had the Mary Chain's "Come On" in my head all day.
Bright light city set my soul on fire,
Couldn't get me worried,
Couldn't get me higher

The only youth worker at school who I like is called Mary. Perhaps that's why.

I love the open-window gently glowing sunlight atmosphere at the moment, the aforementioned song reflects it
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And the air is cool [08 May 2006|09:10pm]
[ mood | Accomplished ]

I got home, shoved all my school stuff in the middle of the hallway, and decided I needed a change.
Proceeding upstairs, I began by completely rearranging my room - under my bed I found:
- Several plectrums
- An assortment of writing utensils
- "Guide to a Healthy Sex Life" booklet
- A lot of paracetamol
- Some sandals
- Some slippers
- A tape of Leonard Cohen covers, and another tape entitled "Livin' in the Eighties"
- That rubbish James Joyce book I bought because it was 99p and had a nice cover
- About six pounds
- Anti-static record sleeves
And, well, I sha'n't continue

With all the furniture in a different place, and after many hours despairing about how much I've turned into my grandmother (my mother would tell me stories about how she'd come home and her mother's hair would be a different colour, or her room would be in a different place, or all the furniture would have changed), I immersed myself in a photography book. I managed to fill up a whole role of film standing on the roof.

The most beautiful star,
In the world, In the air, On my tongue, Before
my eyes, Beyond the stars, Beneath the sun

(I rather liked the misplaced capital letters)

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Auster [07 May 2006|02:31pm]
It was a wrong number that started it, the telephone ringing three times in the dead of night, and the voice on the other end asking for someone he was not.
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I was shocked to see the novelty of a little fat bald thing - it was my old man [06 May 2006|10:43pm]
Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.
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V is for Virtue, so I ain't gonna hurt you [04 May 2006|07:16pm]
In this our life there are no beginnings but
only departures entitled beginnings,
wreathed in the formal emotions thought
to be appropriate and often forced.
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